General Limits & Fees

Minimum₱1,000.00No minimum deposit amount, but please be aware of
minimum withdrawals
Maximum₱25,000,000.00 No maximum
Minimum— ₱600.00 in equivalent value —
Maximum (Buy) — ₱500,000.00 in equivalent value —
Maximum (Sell) — ₱500,000.00 in equivalent value —
Fees See crypto fees table below
Minimum₱1,000.00Each crypto has its own minimum, but the equivalent
value is approximately 2,500 PHP
Maximum₱250,000.00 No limit, but all withdrawals equivalent to ₱500,000.00
or greater will be reviewed by site administrators
Fees Starts at ₱ 40, see full table below See crypto fees table below

During this Early Access period, we may enforce lower maximums for deposits, withdrawals, and trades. We know that this might be inconvenient for you, but this is for your safety, as it allows us to ensure that the platform is stable before we start handling larger volumes.

Cryptocurrency Fees

Buying Fee
Selling Fee
Withdrawal Fee
1INCH 1inch3.3%2.8%9.44 1INCH
AAVE Aave3.3%2.8%0.16 AAVE
ACM AC Milan Fan Token3.3%2.8%0 ACM
ADA Cardano1.0%0.6%1 ADA
ADX AdEx3.3%2.8%51 ADX
AERGO Aergo3.3%2.8%89 AERGO
AION AION3.3%2.8%0.1 AION
AKRO Akropolis3.3%2.8%988 AKRO
ALGO Algorand3.3%2.8%0.01 ALGO
ALICE My Neighbor Alice3.3%2.8%2.18 ALICE
ALPACA Alpaca Finance3.3%2.8%0.17 ALPACA
ALPHA Alpha Finance Lab3.3%2.8%26 ALPHA
AMB Ambrosus3.3%2.8%1 AMB
ANKR Ankr3.3%2.8%287 ANKR
ANT Aragon3.3%2.8%4.75 ANT
APPC AppCoins3.3%2.8%361 APPC
AR Arweave3.3%2.8%0.03 AR
ARDR Ardor3.3%2.8%2 ARDR
ARK Ark3.3%2.8%0.2 ARK
ARPA ARPA Chain3.3%2.8%352 ARPA
ASR AS Roma Fan Token3.3%2.8%0 ASR
AST AirSwap3.3%2.8%102 AST
ATA Automata3.3%2.8%0.19 ATA
ATOM Cosmos3.3%2.8%0.005 ATOM
AUCTION Auction3.3%2.8%0.79 AUCTION
AUDIO Audius3.3%2.8%10 AUDIO
AUTO Auto3.3%2.8%0.0002 AUTO
AVA Travala.com3.3%2.8%0.063 AVA
AVAX Avalanche3.3%2.8%0.01 AVAX
AXS Axie Infinity3.3%2.8%0.39 AXS
BADGER Badger DAO3.3%2.8%1.33 BADGER
BAKE BakeryToken3.3%2.8%0.11 BAKE
BAL Balancer3.3%2.8%1.14 BAL
BAND BAND3.3%2.8%0.01 BAND
BAR FC Barcelona Fan Token BAR3.3%2.8%0 BAR
BAT Basic Attention Token3.3%2.8%35 BAT
BCD Bitcoin Diamond3.3%2.8%0.01 BCD
BCH Bitcoin Cash1.0%0.6%0.001 BCH
BEAM Beam3.3%2.8%0.1 BEAM
BEL Bella Protocol3.3%2.8%15 BEL
BETH BETH3.3%2.8%0.0084 BETH
BIFI Beefy.Finance3.3%2.8%0.0002 BIFI
BLZ Bluzelle3.3%2.8%108 BLZ
BNB BNB1.0%0.6%0.0005 BNB
BNT Bancor3.3%2.8%6.79 BNT
BOND BarnBridge3.3%2.8%0.4 BOND
BRD Bread3.3%2.8%153 BRD
BTC Bitcoin0.8%0.6%0.0005 BTC
BTG Bitcoin Gold3.3%2.8%0.001 BTG
BTS BitShares3.3%2.8%1 BTS
BTT BitTorrent3.3%2.8%28 BTT
BURGER Burger Swap3.3%2.8%0.05 BURGER
BUSD BUSD0.8%0.6%25 BUSD
BZRX bZx Protocol3.3%2.8%92 BZRX
C98 Coin983.3%2.8%7.01 C98
CAKE PancakeSwap3.3%2.8%0.0094 CAKE
CDT Blox3.3%2.8%329 CDT
CELO Celo3.3%2.8%0.001 CELO
CELR Celer Network3.3%2.8%220 CELR
CFX Conflux Network3.3%2.8%0.44 CFX
CHR Chromia3.3%2.8%80 CHR
CHZ Chiliz3.3%2.8%0.65 CHZ
CKB CKB3.3%2.8%1 CKB
CLV Clover Finance3.3%2.8%19 CLV
COCOS Cocos-BCX3.3%2.8%0.31 COCOS
COMP Compound3.3%2.8%0.071 COMP
COS Contentos3.3%2.8%9.38 COS
COTI COTI3.3%2.8%58 COTI
COVER COVER Protocol3.3%2.8%0.12 COVER
CREAM Cream Finance3.3%2.8%0.15 CREAM
CRV Curve3.3%2.8%10 CRV
CTK CertiK3.3%2.8%0.01 CTK
CTSI Cartesi3.3%2.8%40 CTSI
CTXC Cortex3.3%2.8%0.1 CTXC
CVC Civic3.3%2.8%57 CVC
CVP PowerPool3.3%2.8%18 CVP
DAI Dai0.8%0.6%15 DAI
DASH Dash3.3%2.8%0.002 DASH
DATA Streamr DATAcoin3.3%2.8%201 DATA
DCR Decred3.3%2.8%0.01 DCR
DEGO Dego Finance3.3%2.8%3.25 DEGO
DENT DENT3.3%2.8%5799 DENT
DEXE DeXe3.3%2.8%1.98 DEXE
DF dForce3.3%2.8%134 DF
DGB DigiByte3.3%2.8%0.2 DGB
DIA DIA3.3%2.8%15 DIA
DLT Agrello3.3%2.8%293 DLT
DNT district0x3.3%2.8%490 DNT
DODO DODO3.3%2.8%19 DODO
DOGE Dogecoin3.3%2.8%5 DOGE
DOT Polkadot1.0%0.6%0.1 DOT
DUSK Dusk Network3.3%2.8%1.33 DUSK
DYDX dYdX3.3%2.8%6.43 DYDX
EGLD Elrond eGold3.3%2.8%0.001 EGLD
ELF aelf3.3%2.8%30 ELF
ENJ Enjin Coin3.3%2.8%17 ENJ
EOS EOS1.0%0.6%0.1 EOS
EPS Ellipsis3.3%2.8%0.35 EPS
ERN Ethernity Chain3.3%2.8%2.18 ERN
ETC Ethereum Classic3.3%2.8%0.01 ETC
ETH Ethereum0.8%0.6%0.005 ETH
EVX Everex3.3%2.8%48 EVX
FARM Harvest Finance3.3%2.8%0.0011 FARM
FET Fetch.AI3.3%2.8%0.25 FET
FIL Filecoin3.3%2.8%0.001 FIL
FIO FIO Protocol3.3%2.8%5 FIO
FIRO Firo3.3%2.8%0.02 FIRO
FIS Stafi3.3%2.8%15 FIS
FLM Flamingo3.3%2.8%0.5 FLM
FLOW Flow3.3%2.8%0.01 FLOW
FOR ForTube3.3%2.8%269 FOR
FORTH Ampleforth Governance Token3.3%2.8%4.45 FORTH
FRONT Frontier3.3%2.8%19 FRONT
FTM Fantom3.3%2.8%0.01 FTM
FTT FTX Token3.3%2.8%0.44 FTT
FUN FunToken3.3%2.8%1251 FUN
FXS Frax Share3.3%2.8%5.17 FXS
GALA Gala3.3%2.8%215 GALA
GAS NeoGas3.3%2.8%0.005 GAS
GHST Aavegotchi3.3%2.8%14 GHST
GLM Golem3.3%2.8%50 GLM
GNO Gnosis3.3%2.8%0.095 GNO
GO GoChain3.3%2.8%1 GO
GRS Groestlcoin3.3%2.8%0.2 GRS
GTC Gitcoin3.3%2.8%5.42 GTC
GTO Gifto3.3%2.8%5.26 GTO
GVT Genesis Vision3.3%2.8%7.61 GVT
HARD Kava Lend3.3%2.8%0.2 HARD
HBAR Hedera Hashgraph3.3%2.8%1 HBAR
HEGIC Hegic3.3%2.8%150 HEGIC
HIVE Hive3.3%2.8%0.01 HIVE
HNT Helium3.3%2.8%0.05 HNT
HOT Holo3.3%2.8%2818 HOT
ICP Internet Computer3.3%2.8%0.0003 ICP
IDEX IDEX3.3%2.8%69 IDEX
ILV Illuvium3.3%2.8%0.043 ILV
INJ Injective Protocol3.3%2.8%1.13 INJ
IOTX IoTeX3.3%2.8%0.1 IOTX
IQ Everipedia3.3%2.8%50 IQ
IRIS IRISnet3.3%2.8%1 IRIS
JST JUST3.3%2.8%50 JST
JUV Juventus Fan Token3.3%2.8%0 JUV
KAVA Kava3.3%2.8%0.001 KAVA
KEEP Keep Network3.3%2.8%63 KEEP
KLAY Klaytn3.3%2.8%0.005 KLAY
KMD Komodo3.3%2.8%0.002 KMD
KNC KyberNetwork3.3%2.8%4 KNC
KP3R Keep3rV13.3%2.8%0.068 KP3R
KSM Kusama3.3%2.8%0 KSM
LINA Linear3.3%2.8%938 LINA
LINK ChainLink1.0%0.6%0.512 LINK
LOOM Loom Network3.3%2.8%239 LOOM
LPT Livepeer3.3%2.8%1.37 LPT
LRC Loopring3.3%2.8%60 LRC
LSK Lisk3.3%2.8%0.1 LSK
LTC Litecoin1.0%0.6%0.001 LTC
LTO LTO Network3.3%2.8%5 LTO
LUNA Terra3.3%2.8%0.02 LUNA
MANA Decentraland3.3%2.8%33 MANA
MASK Mask Network3.3%2.8%2.65 MASK
MATIC Polygon3.3%2.8%0.1 MATIC
MBL MovieBloc3.3%2.8%5.29 MBL
MBOX MOBOX3.3%2.8%0.036 MBOX
MDA Moeda Loyalty Points3.3%2.8%33 MDA
MDX Mdex3.3%2.8%0.14 MDX
MFT Mainframe3.3%2.8%2207 MFT
MINA Mina3.3%2.8%0.5 MINA
MIR Mirror Protocol3.3%2.8%11 MIR
MITH Mithril3.3%2.8%4.03 MITH
MKR Maker3.3%2.8%0.0097 MKR
MLN Enzyme3.3%2.8%0.01 MLN
MTH Monetha3.3%2.8%713 MTH
MTL Metal3.3%2.8%8.03 MTL
NANO NANO3.3%2.8%0.01 NANO
NAV Navcoin3.3%2.8%0.2 NAV
NBS New BitShares3.3%2.8%1 NBS
NCASH Nucleus Vision3.3%2.8%11430 NCASH
NEAR NEAR Protocol3.3%2.8%0.01 NEAR
NEBL Neblio3.3%2.8%0.01 NEBL
NEO NEO3.3%2.8%0 NEO
NKN NKN3.3%2.8%74 NKN
NMR Numeraire3.3%2.8%0.59 NMR
NU NuCypher3.3%2.8%84 NU
NULS Nuls3.3%2.8%0.01 NULS
NXS Nexus3.3%2.8%0.02 NXS
OAX openANX3.3%2.8%140 OAX
OCEAN Ocean Protocol3.3%2.8%35 OCEAN
OG OG Fan Token3.3%2.8%0 OG
OGN OriginToken3.3%2.8%30 OGN
OM MANTRA DAO3.3%2.8%102 OM
OMG OMG Network3.3%2.8%2.54 OMG
ONE Harmony3.3%2.8%0.002 ONE
ONG Ontology Gas3.3%2.8%0.04 ONG
ONT Ontology3.3%2.8%1 ONT
ORN Orion Protocol3.3%2.8%2.8 ORN
OXT Orchid3.3%2.8%70 OXT
PAXG PAX Gold3.3%2.8%0.014 PAXG
PERL Perlin3.3%2.8%288 PERL
PERP Perpetual Protocol3.3%2.8%2.6 PERP
PHA Phala.Network3.3%2.8%16 PHA
PHB Phoenix Global3.3%2.8%23 PHB
PHP Philippine Peso3.3%2.8%0 PHP
PIVX PIVX3.3%2.8%0.2 PIVX
PNT pNetwork3.3%2.8%26 PNT
POA POA Network3.3%2.8%0.01 POA
POLS Polkastarter3.3%2.8%15 POLS
POLY Polymath3.3%2.8%40 POLY
POND Marlin3.3%2.8%260 POND
POWR PowerLedger3.3%2.8%75 POWR
PPT Populous3.3%2.8%16 PPT
PROM Prometeus3.3%2.8%1.48 PROM
PSG Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token3.3%2.8%0 PSG
PUNDIX Pundi X3.3%2.8%18 PUNDIX
QKC QuarkChain3.3%2.8%1251 QKC
QLC QLC Chain3.3%2.8%1 QLC
QNT Quant3.3%2.8%0.08 QNT
QSP Quantstamp3.3%2.8%546 QSP
QTUM Qtum3.3%2.8%0.01 QTUM
QUICK QuickSwap3.3%2.8%0.0003 QUICK
RAMP RAMP3.3%2.8%79 RAMP
RAY Raydium3.3%2.8%0.14 RAY
RDN Raiden Network Token3.3%2.8%49 RDN
REEF Reef Finance3.3%2.8%1224 REEF
REN Ren3.3%2.8%29 REN
RENBTC renBTC3.3%2.8%0.0006 RENBTC
REP Augur v23.3%2.8%1.12 REP
REQ Request Network3.3%2.8%128 REQ
RIF RSK Infrastructure Framework3.3%2.8%3 RIF
RLC iExecRLC3.3%2.8%7.29 RLC
ROSE Oasis Network3.3%2.8%0.1 ROSE
RSR Reserve Rights3.3%2.8%804 RSR
RUNE THORChain3.3%2.8%0.024 RUNE
RVN Ravencoin3.3%2.8%1 RVN
SAND The Sandbox3.3%2.8%34 SAND
SC Siacoin3.3%2.8%0.1 SC
SCRT Secret3.3%2.8%0.1 SCRT
SFP SafePal3.3%2.8%0.19 SFP
SHIB SHIBA INU3.3%2.8%3413963 SHIB
SKL SKALE Network3.3%2.8%106 SKL
SKY Skycoin3.3%2.8%0.02 SKY
SLP Smooth Love Potion3.3%2.8%391 SLP
SNT Status3.3%2.8%299 SNT
SNX Synthetix Network Token3.3%2.8%3.96 SNX
SOL Solana3.3%2.8%0.01 SOL
SRM Serum3.3%2.8%2.99 SRM
STEEM Steem3.3%2.8%0.01 STEEM
STMX StormX3.3%2.8%866 STMX
STORJ Storj3.3%2.8%21 STORJ
STPT Standard Tokenization Protocol3.3%2.8%481 STPT
STRAX Stratis3.3%2.8%0.1 STRAX
STX Stacks3.3%2.8%1 STX
SUPER SuperFarm3.3%2.8%55 SUPER
SUSD sUSD3.3%2.8%15 SUSD
SUSHI Sushi3.3%2.8%2.36 SUSHI
SWRV Swerve3.3%2.8%21 SWRV
SXP Swipe3.3%2.8%10 SXP
SYS Syscoin3.3%2.8%1 SYS
TCT TokenClub Token3.3%2.8%866 TCT
TFUEL Theta Fuel3.3%2.8%2.38 TFUEL
THETA Theta Token3.3%2.8%0.12 THETA
TKO Tokocrypto3.3%2.8%0.097 TKO
TLM Alien Worlds3.3%2.8%203 TLM
TOMO TomoChain3.3%2.8%0.01 TOMO
TORN Tornado Cash3.3%2.8%0.41 TORN
TRB Tellor Tributes3.3%2.8%0.53 TRB
TRIBE Tribe3.3%2.8%39 TRIBE
TROY Troy3.3%2.8%16 TROY
TRU TrueFi3.3%2.8%48 TRU
TRX TRON3.3%2.8%1 TRX
TUSD TrueUSD3.3%2.8%15 TUSD
TVK Terra Virtua3.3%2.8%120 TVK
TWT Trust Wallet Token3.3%2.8%0.17 TWT
UFT UniLend3.3%2.8%26 UFT
UMA UMA3.3%2.8%2.42 UMA
UNFI Unifi Protocol DAO3.3%2.8%2.67 UNFI
UNI Uniswap3.3%2.8%1.14 UNI
USDC USD Coin0.8%0.6%25 USDC
USDP Pax Dollar3.3%2.8%25 USDP
USDT TetherUS0.8%0.6%25 USDT
UTK Utrust3.3%2.8%68 UTK
VET VeChain3.3%2.8%20 VET
VGX Voyager Token3.3%2.8%9.19 VGX
VIB Viberate3.3%2.8%574 VIB
VIDT VIDT Datalink3.3%2.8%29 VIDT
VTHO VeThor Token3.3%2.8%200 VTHO
WABI TAEL3.3%2.8%128 WABI
WAN Wanchain3.3%2.8%0.1 WAN
WAVES Waves3.3%2.8%0.002 WAVES
WAXP WAX3.3%2.8%1.5 WAXP
WBTC Wrapped Bitcoin3.3%2.8%0.0006 WBTC
WIN WINK3.3%2.8%220 WIN
WING Wing Token3.3%2.8%0.0023 WING
WNXM Wrapped NXM3.3%2.8%0.37 WNXM
WRX WazirX3.3%2.8%0.17 WRX
WTC Walton3.3%2.8%0.01 WTC
XEM NEM3.3%2.8%4 XEM
XLM Stellar Lumens1.0%0.6%0.02 XLM
XMR Monero3.3%2.8%0.0001 XMR
XRP Ripple1.0%0.6%0.25 XRP
XTZ Tezos3.3%2.8%0.1 XTZ
XVG Verge3.3%2.8%0.1 XVG
XVS Venus3.3%2.8%0.0076 XVS
YFI yearn.finance3.3%2.8%0.0008 YFI
YFII DFI.Money3.3%2.8%0.0056 YFII
ZEC Zcash3.3%2.8%0.001 ZEC
ZEN Horizen3.3%2.8%0.002 ZEN
ZIL Zilliqa3.3%2.8%0.2 ZIL
ZRX 0x3.3%2.8%25 ZRX

Peso Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal Fee
Asia United BankPHP40.00
Bank of CommercePHP40.00
BPI Family SavingsPHP40.00
Chinabank SavingsPHP40.00
EastWest BankPHP40.00
Philippine Business BankPHP40.00
Philippine National BankPHP40.00
Philippine Savings BankPHP40.00
Philippine Veterans BankPHP40.00
PNB-Allied Savings BankPHP40.00
Robinsons BankPHP40.00
Security BankPHP40.00
Sterling BankPHP40.00